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Our Mayan Hammocks come from remote
villages in the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico,
and are of the highest quality.

You will fall in love with your hammock !

Yucatan hammocks are woven, so that, they will mold to any body shape. making them comfortable to lie or sleep in.




Handmade by hundreds of people like this. Chumayel, Yucatan. Mexico

It makes a relaxing refuge from today's pressures and stress.

10 kids in one of our double size

Hand woven of 100% cotton
cord with nylon end strings.
Natural or multicolored. Hundreds
of design and color combinations.

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Jumbo size

Our Chair hammocks are great

For indoor or outdoor use. Use it on vacations, at home, at the beach or in the countryside.You can hang it almost everywhere.

We guarantee you the lowest available price.

American Style hammock



Single size (#6) 700 grams ( 1.5 pounds ) $15.49 US
Double   (#10) 1050 grams ( 2.2 pounds ) $21.99 US
Matrimonial (#14) 1250 grams ( 2.7 pounds ) $26.49 US
Familiar (#16) 1500 grams ( 3.2 pounds ) $31.49 US
Jumbo (#20) 1800 grams ( 3.9 pounds ) $39.99 US
Gross cotton cord Hammock (#24) 2200 grams ( 4.7 pounds ) $39.99 US
Chair Hammock with wood bar $36.99 US
American Style hammock with wood bars $49.99 US


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       We're also looking for distributors in all countries.

F.O.B. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
Sample and small orders are welcome, we deliver by airmail, and Federal Express
Secure payment method and safe easy delivery guarenteed

             We deliver all over the world by Panalpina, Continental, LTU, Lufthansa, Air France, Martin Air, Iberia, Korean and Canadian airlines. We ship collect with competitive rates. (minimum 100 kilograms ).

Jorge Razú & Abraham Razú
Calle 60 No. 527-A por 65 y 67
Mérida, Yucatán 97000
 Tels. (52-999) 924 1208
 Mob (52-999) 947 5725
   Fax   (52-999)923 4718


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